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Build Your Own Agricultural Grass Mix


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Variety Species Price per kg Quantity Amount
Ligrande (Diploid)

Italian Reygrass

£4.60 kg £0.00
Aston Energy (Tetraploid)

Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass

£4.00 kg £0.00
Abereve (Tetraploid)

Hybrid Ryegrass

£3.95 kg £0.00
Kimber (Diploid)

Early Perennial Ryegrass

£4.80 kg £0.00
Aberglyn (Tetraploid)

Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass

£4.58 kg £0.00
Aberwolf (Diploid)

Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass

£4.90 kg £0.00
Alamo (Diploid)

Italian Ryegrass

£4.70 kg £0.00
Abergreen (Diploid)

Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass

£4.49 kg £0.00
Aberavon (Diploid)

Late Perennial Ryegrass

£5.10 kg £0.00
Aberfarrel (Diploid)

Late Perennial Ryegrass

£4.50 kg £0.00
Toddington (Diploid)

Late Perennial Ryegrass

£3.68 kg £0.00
Abergain (Tetraploid)

Late Perennial Ryegrass

£4.95 kg £0.00


£6.35 kg £0.00

Medium Leaf White Clover

£6.60 kg £0.00
Abermagic (Diploid)

Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass

£4.00 kg £0.00

Medium Leaf White Clover

£6.63 kg £0.00

Medium Leaf White Clover

£6.40 kg £0.00

Large Leaf White Clover

£6.95 kg £0.00

Very Large Leaf White Clover

£8.50 kg £0.00

Red Clover

£3.60 kg £0.00

Red Clover

£6.35 kg £0.00

Red Clover

£6.35 kg £0.00
Per acre: 0.000 kg £0.00
Number of acres:
Total: 0.000 kg £0.00
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