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An image of grass blowing in the wind.
An image of grass blowing in the wind
An image of a recently sown field of grass.

Welcome to PG Seeds

PG Seeds are a long established West Country name in grass seeds, delivery strong and robust performance, growth and yield in multi-weather and challenging ground and landscape conditions. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Matford Arable Systems.

At Matford Arable Systems we are aware of the need to be able to produce our own unique mixtures of grass seeds specifically designed for our customers; whether they be for the agricultural or amenity market. Matford Arable System’s complete independence with PG Seeds, enables us to source seed from the market place and to meet any individual’s specific requirement. This allows us to focus solely on the customer’s needs.

This flexibility has seen grass seed sales grow rapidly and has allowed us to supply our customers with the best possible mixes to suit their own individual requirements. Matford Arable Systems now feels ready, with the launch of its web site, to expand this opportunity nationally to give customers the unique experience of purchasing either a quality “Off the Shelf” mixture or of creating their own “Bespoke” mixture for supply.


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